Please follow this link to download the participation authorization for a minor person.


The MIXUP is organised by the french non-profit organisation registered under number Siret 82343333900012.

Rules acceptance:

By registering to "The MIXUP", you accept, without reservation, each of rules that are indicated in this page. These rules may be modified at any time by the organizer, who will communicate publicly within a maximum of 7 days as to the changes made.

Tournaments registration and access:

The "The MIXUP" tournament will start from saturday, July 13nd, 2024 to sunday, the 14th. Location will be the "Espace 140" at Rillieux-la-Pape.

Registrations are online on This is the only place to register. Access Pass must be purchased before purchasing a tournament.


All entrants must prove their ID at the entrance.

By registering at The MIXUP, every entrant agrees to be photographied without any concession. For more information on image rights in "The MIXUP" please refer to article 6 of the GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE FOR CONSUMER TICKETING, which you will find below.


Global rules valid for all tournaments:

Those rules are valid unless otherwise stipulated if "The MIXUP" is untrust by a publisher within the framework of an international league that has its own rules.

  • Be on time, no delay will be tolerated. If your delay blocks the smooth running of the tournament you will be sent looser and eliminated if the delay persists
  • The tournaments will be held on the latest version of each game except update less than a week before the date of the tournament
  • Players can't use bugs or glitches which would alter the normal course of the game
  • The tournaments will be held on the latest version of each game except update less than a week before the date of the tournament
  • Each player must, before each match, ensure that any Bluetooth device that can interrupt the smooth running of their match has been properly disconnected. If the game should unfortunately be paused due to a controller that has not been disconnected, the game will be replayed entirely, except for specific rules related to a game
  • All participants must provide their own game controller
  • All players must turn off their game controller immediately after the end of their match
  • When both players are at the game console, they must come to an agreement which side of the machine they will play on (who will sit on 1p and who will sit on 2p). If an agreement cannot be reached, a game of paper-scissors-rock will determine who gets to pick their side


  • Joysticks, pads, arcade sticks with a timeout are forbidden
  • Pads, PS3 arcade sticks are prohibited unless used with an authorized adapter
  • Brooks adapters are allowed. Adapters with a time out are forbidden (example: Cronus max)

Limited customization is permitted as long as fairness is maintained, therefore:

  • The maximum number of attack command inputs allowed on any controller is eight (8), and the same command may not be assigned to multiple buttons. For example, a player cannot assign the same attack command to two (2) different controller buttons. When using a controller with more than eight (8) attack inputs, a player shall deactivate any inputs exceeding eight (8) prior to participating in any competition. The foregoing restrictions do not apply to L3 and R3 buttons on DUALSHOCK™ as they are not attack inputs
  • The maximum amount of directional command input is four (4), and it is prohibited to put the same command into multiple buttons. For example, a player cannot assign the same directional command in two (2) different buttons
  • When assigning a directional command to a button, instead of a Directional Button on DUALSHOCK™, directional lever or analog stick, it is called a move button. A controller can have both move button and a lever at simultaneously, however, the controller must give up the corresponding input on the lever. For example, if a player assigns the upward action into a move button, such player must lose the upward input with lever
  • A controller can have an analog stick along with Directional Buttons on DUALSHOCK™, a lever or direction buttons. However, the inputs from directional actions with analog stick must stay on analog. E.g. it is prohibited to convert mechanical ability of analog stick to lever or buttons
  • Players are not allowed to add function that deletes or disables the input information for attack commands and/or directional commands. As a special exception, only the following specifications are allowed for Left/Right and Upward/Downward inputs:
    • When both Right and Left directional keys are input at the same time, a controller must either maintain both of the inputs or abandon both
    • When both Upward and Downward directional keys are input at the same time, it is recommended that a controller either maintain both of the inputs or abandon both. However, as a revocable exception to the foregoing rule, a controller may take Upward directional input only when both Upward and Downward directional keys are input at the same time
  • Above rules will be applied to keyboards as well

Terms definition:

  • Lever – is the mechanical device that sends two status, “input” or “no input”, by tilting
  • Button – is the mechanical device that sends two status, “input” or “no input”, by depressing
  • Analog Stick – is the mechanical device that sends input status gradually by changing tilt angle
  • Input – includes buttons, levers, analog stick, and keyboard keys

The MIXUP reserves the right to revoke/adjust this exception at any time in its sole discretion.

Choosing Character(s):

There are 3 methods for choosing character(s): Standard Selection, Double Blind Selection, and Side and Character(s) Courtesy. If the players do not discuss the method of character(s) selection, it should be understood that the Standard method is being used. If the players cannot come to an agreement on the method of character(s) selection, the judge will apply the double blind method

  • Standard Selection: Both players choose their character(s) whenever they want. This is a free for all. Players pick who they want and go. Once either player chooses a character, neither is allowed to request that the Double Blind Selection method be used
  • Double Blind Selection: Either player must explicitly ask for the Double Blind Selection method before either player chooses his character(s). When a player request Double Blind, the player on the left side (1p) decides which character(s) they will choose and whispers his selection to the Tournament Organizer. The Tournament Organizer then signals the player on the right (2p) to pick his character(s). Once the player on the right (2p) has finished, the Tournament Organizer makes sure the player on the left (1p) sticks to his original choices
  • Side and Character(s) Courtesy: As a courtesy, the player who received his choice of which side to play on (1p vs 2p) can elect to choose his character(s) first. This is strictly a courtesy. A player is in no way required to do so

Once sides and characters have been chosen, the players should begin the first Game in the Match. The following rules go into effect once a Game ends.

  • The Match is over when either player wins the required number of games
  • Once a player has won the required number of games, the winner of the Match should report the result to the Tournament Organizer
  • If there are still Games to be played, the player who lost the Game has the option of switching sides (1p vs 2p) for the next Game
  • The player who won the game does not have the option of switching sides. He must stay on the same side if the loser does not want to switch
  • The player who won the last Game is required to keep the same character(s)
  • The player who lost the last Game is allowed to choose whatever character(s) they wish
  • If a player is using the Random Character(s) Selection, he must reroll his character(s) for each Game of the Match

Reporting rules violations:

At some point during the tournament, a player may violate either the tournament rules or the rules for a particular game in a tournament. The following rules apply toward rectifying rule violations:

  • It is the responsibility of the players in the Match to detect all Match Rule violations and report them to the Tournament Organizer immediately
  • ALL non-gameplay rule violations must be reported to the Tournament Organizer before the Game starts (e.g. the winner switching character(s) after winning one Game in a Match)
  • Players are not allowed to stop a Game in progress to address a non-gameplay related rule violation. Stopping a Game in progress to report a non-gameplay rule violation will result in the forfeiture the round on the part of the person stopping the game
  • The only time a player is allowed to stop a Game to report a rule violation is when that violation occurs during the middle of the match
  • Stopping a Game in progress to erroneously report a rule violation automatically results in the forfeiture of the round by the player who stopped the game
  • Rule violations must be reported at the time they occur. Otherwise, they will be ignored
  • A Tournament Organizer is allowed to report any rule violations on behalf of a player
  • If a Tournament Organizer stops a game to mis-report a rule violation, the Game is replayed with both players picking the same character(s), order, and side. No one is disqualified
  • The only people allowed to stop a Game to report a violation are the Tournament Organizer and the players
  • If a player accidentally or intentionally stops the game for any other reason, he will be forced to forfeit the round. Examples include accidentally pressing the start button on his controller to pause the match, unplugging his or his opponents joystick, etc. If the game cannot be restarted from the exact point of interruption, the player is forced to forfeit the Game
  • Match interruptions beyond the players control (e.g. the game crashes or freezes) will be dealt with directly by the Tournament Organizer. All best attempts will be made to resume the round from where it left off. If that cannot be accomplished, the Game will be replayed with both players picking the same character(s) and modes

Reporting Equipment Failure:

Video game hardware has a tendency to break down during tournaments. Buttons or joysticks will occasionally break down in the middle of a match, leaving the player on the broken side at a significant disadvantage. The following rules will be used in the event of a breakdown:

  • In the event of an equipment failure, the player has the option to stop the Game in progress to obtain an replacement
  • New equipment must be immediately available. If replacement equipment cannot be obtained in a timely manner, the player must continue to play on their current equipment or forfeit the Match
  • When the game is stopped in progress by the player with the equipment failure, his opponent has got two choices : both players can resume the round where it stopped after the equipment has been replaced and the buttons configured in the “Command” menu of the game (checking buttons ingame is not authorized as it will make the time pass), or he can choose to win the round immediately
  • If the opponent has chosen to win the round immediately, the player with the equipment failure must test his configuration ingame without filling his meter and let his opponent deal damage to him until he takes the life lead. Then, both players must let the time counter reach zero so that the opponent wins the round as requested. If the player who chose to win the round already had the life lead, he won’t be allowed to deal damage to the player with the equipment failure and will wait for the time counter to reach zero to automatically win the round
  • A player may opt to switch out equipment between Games at no penalty. When this occurs, the player will be given ample time to configure his buttons before the next Game begins

Additional Rules:

  • There will be no ties in any tournament. Anyone refusing to play any Match (including the finals) will be disqualified and forfeit all rights to any titles or prizes they might have otherwise earned for that tournament
  • Draw match as determined by the game must be replayed, unless the game awards the draw to a player
  • Inevitable Defeat rule is in effect. This is defined as when a player has legally won the round or match (i.e. landed a move that will kill the opponent) but pauses the game before the game awards the round won icon, will still be awarded the win. If there is a dispute over whether the move would have knocked out the other player, a tournament official will unpause the match, see the result of the action, and proceed from there. If the attack does not kill the opponent, then the mid game pause rules are in effect
  • Collusion of any kind with your competitors is considered cheating. If the Tournament Organizer determines that any competitor is colluding to manipulate the results or intentionally under performing, the collaborating players may be immediately disqualified. This determination is to be made at the sole discretion of the Tournament Director. Anyone disqualified in this manner forfeits all rights to any titles or prizes they might have otherwise earned for that tournament
  • Tournament Organizer has a zero tolerance policy toward violence, threats of violence, intimidation, and other forms of thuggery. Any threat of violence, extreme intimidation, or violence of any kind will result in an immediate and lifetime ban


The specific rules for each game proposed in competition are available on by following this link.


Competitors eligible for the cash prize must fill out a form and / or reply to an email detailing their paypal information so that a payment can be sent to them at the end of the tournament. Payment will be made within 90 days of receipt of the completed form or response to the email.


Respect, fairplay and honesty are encouraged as always. Anybody trying to take advantage of his opponent by any unfair mean will be life banned from any tournament organized by More actions could even be taken by the organizers, including going through justice in case of heavy troubles.

This list in non-exhaustive and can lead to various sanctions:

  • Refuse to follow the instructions of the tournament organizers
  • Arrive late at the time of his pools / brackets
  • Faking ID’s
  • Harassing, following, threatening, intimidating or engaging in harmful behavior towards other participants or the staff
  • Communicate any content that may be considered offensive, including illegal, insulting, abusive, threatening, vulgar, obscene, sexual, racist, defamatory whether based on race, political opinions or religious rights, sexual orientation and more generally anything contrary to ethics
  • Publish commercial or promotional or commercial content to violating the reputation or image of the co-organizers
  • Register for the Tournament via the nickname of a third person to play one or more matches in place of the original entrant
  • Create a false identity or impersonate a third party
  • Publish personal information of other participants (such as name, surname, address, telephone number, etc.) on a publicly accessible space, that this social networks, on a website or by any other means
  • Use video game bug to get an undue advantage, whether or not it is defined in the Tournament Rules
  • Use a third-party cheating software that modifies game features
  • Distort or interfere with the operation of an automated data system, whether whether it is the video game or the Services
  • Do not notify the Organizer of the existence of a bug or fault to obtain an undue advantage during a match
  • Do not provide his best efforts to try to win a match
  • Betting or setting up an illegal betting system on Tournaments
  • Manipulate the ranking of a Tournament


The MIXUP requires to be at least 13 years old to register. Minor below 16 must be accompanied at all time by their legal representative.

Minors must provide the parental authorization to the co-organizers signed by a legal person in charge and accompanied by a copy of the official document proving the identity of the legal representative and the minor (it must be legible and include the surname, given names, date and place of birth, photograph and signature of the holder, as well as dates of issue and validity of the document, issuing authority).

The French Code of Interior Security allows minors to participate in Esport competition. This low forbid less than 12 years old minor to compete in tournament having cash price. The MixUp organization will keep a copy of the parental authorization for one year, involving a copy of the parent’s ID. The authorization must involve these elements.

  • The parent knows there is money involved in The MIXUP
  • The parent knows what games are displayed at The MIXUP
  • The parent knows what PEGI is
  • The parent allows his minor child to compete in The MIXUP
  • Date and signature of the parent

Minors not providing this document or providing it incomplete won’t be allowed to enter any tournament.


The Co-organizers can not guarantee that the services will not be interrupted or that they will be free from defects, that they will be corrected, that the Services contain no viruses and can not be held responsible, in any way, for the partial or definitive interruption of the Services. It is up to each user to take all the necessary precautionary measures to protect their data from any possible cyber attacks.

Throughout the duration of the Tournament, you acknowledge that the participants are fully responsible for their own behavior and the Co-organizers can not be held liable for direct or indirect damage resulting from misconduct attributable to a participant.


The following SALES CONDITIONS must be validated on the platform in order to procede to any payment.


In these terms and conditions of sale, the terms and expressions referred to below, and used indifferently to the singular or plural depending on their context, will have the definition attached to them.

Buyer: means any natural or legal person ordering a Ticket from The MIXUP on the platform.

Beneficiary: means any natural person benefiting from the free transmission of a Ticket initially acquired by a Buyer.

Tickets: indifferently means e-paperless tickets and printed tickets giving access to The MIXUP.

GTC: refers to these general conditions of sale.

The MIXUP: refers to the event whose access is restricted to the ticket holders and within which the various tournaments will take place.

Organizer: means the association domiciled 23 quai jean moulin, 69002 Lyon.

Website: refers to The MIXUP's ticketing website accessible at Ticketing managed by the platform.


The present GTC apply automatically to the sale or the provision by of Individual tickets allowing access to The MIXUP. No special conditions can prevail on the GSC. Any contrary condition, including purchase, will be unenforceable. By way of derogation from the foregoing, the acquisition of Tickets included in Public Relations services and / or partnership agreements and / or contracts relating to the allocation of media rights is not governed by these T & Cs but by the conditions laid down in those contracts / agreements.


9.3.1. In accordance with the provisions of Article L221-28 of the Consumer Code, Tickets ordered and the price of which has been cashed are not subject to a right of withdrawal.

9.3.2. Ticket reservations are made in real time, taking into account the available places at the time of placing the order.


The price of the Tickets is indicated in Euros all taxes included. The validation of the Ticket order entails the obligation for the Buyer to pay the sale price. Only credit card payment is offered via the online yurplan ticketing service.


9.5.1. Tournament schedules, schedule and tournament schedules given for information purposes are subject to change by the Tournament Organizer. These changes do not result in any exchange or refund.

9.5.2. In case of interruption and / or postponement of the Tournament matches due to inclement weather, the Tickets can not be refunded.

9.5.3. All orders are final and can not be refunded.


Anyone attending The MIXUP grants to the Organizer as well as its partners the right to use, edit, adapt, post, stream, copy, display, perform, transmit, broadcast, and otherwise commercialize Images, including any names, likenesses, voice, conversation and any other attributes of Participant’s personality and appearance, individually or with others, in whole or in part, alone or in conjunction with other material, in any and all media now known or hereafter devised, in perpetuity throughout the world, for the purpose of trade, advertising, promotion or any other lawful purpose whatsoever, without additional compensation, consideration, notification or permission, except where prohibited by law. This authorization is valid for worldwide use and for the entire legal term of copyright protection for the media mentioned above.


9.7.1. The personal data of the Purchaser and / or the Beneficiaries of the Tickets, collected at the time of the order of the Ticket, give rise to a computer processing, for the purpose of managing the said order. In accordance with the provisions of Article 39 and 40 of the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978 amended in 2004, the Purchaser and the Beneficiary of a Ticket have at any time a right of access and rectification of data on concerning by email to the address of the Organizer: They have the option of opposing, at no cost, that the data concerning them are used for prospecting purposes, in particular for commercial purposes.

9.7.2. The bank details communicated by the Purchaser during the payment of his order are stored in the OPEN PARC provider's systems mandated for this purpose and are subject to special security measures. In accordance with the recommendations of the CNIL, these data are used and retained only for the purposes and for the duration of the transaction, and are permanently erased once the actual payment.


In its capacity as Organizer of the Tournament, holds, in accordance with the provisions of Article L.333-1 of the Sport Code, the entirety of the related exploitation rights and in particular, all incorporeal items produced during or resulting from the course of Tournament matches. As a result of the foregoing, it is strictly prohibited to collect, store, distribute, communicate, publish, deliver and / or make available any person or body by any means whatsoever and from any place of The MIXUP whether free or expensive, any data, statistics, information or fact related to the conduct of any match in the Tournament.


9.9.1. The access ticket will be checked at the entrance of the site and must then be presented during any security check. Proof of identity may be requested from any person holding a Ticket. Any partially printed, stained, damaged or illegible ticket can not be considered valid.

9.9.2. Anyone may be required to undergo a security check at the entrance and be imposed the presentation of objects that it carries. Access may be refused to anyone who does not agree to submit to this security check without being entitled to any refund.

9.9.3. It is reminded that it is strictly forbidden to introduce or attempt to introduce on the site rockets, smoke or other artifices under penalty of prosecution (law of 1993 December 6). It is the same for any object likely to be a weapon, serve as a projectile or present a danger for people (eg explosive, flammable or volatile substances, knife, cutter, scissors, razor, metal or glass containers, etc.), as well as signs or banners of any size of a political, ideological, religious or advertising nature. In case of non-compliance with these prohibitions, the Organizer reserves the right to cancel the Ticket and if necessary, to expel the reseller from the sports venue, without prejudice to the penalties provided for in article 313-6 -2 of the Penal Code.


Without prejudice to any other action, the violation by the Purchaser or the Beneficiary of a Ticket of any of the GTCS will expose the violator to one or both of the following sanctions: Resolution of the order; Resolution of the sale; Expulsion from the grounds of the Park, the expulsion will automatically result in the confiscation and invalidation of the ticket of the offender, excluding any refund or compensation.


9.11.1. These Terms are subject to French law. Any dispute relating to their opposability, validity, interpretation and / or execution and, more generally, any dispute in connection with the sale of the Tickets will be submitted to the French Courts.

9.11.2. In accordance with the provisions of articles L.612-1 and following, the Buyer may also have recourse to a consumer ombudsman. In this case, the Buyer is invited to contact the Organizer in advance.